Our Key Team Members

Greatness Grows Here

Chief Optimization Officer

Bahiyyah Maroon Ph.D. 

“Waking up everyday to advance a greater world through strategic compassionate innovation is about the best career path I could have ever imagined.”

Strategic Futurist Consultant

Joe Tankersley

“There’s been no better time to create sustainable, equitable, abundant futures. The first step to this goal is changing the stories we tell ourselves about what is possible.”

Business Administrator

Leanne Yonkman 

“I believe that if you have a genuine desire to affect the lives of others for the better, you can change our world, one person at a time.”


Founder and Chief Optimization Officer, Dr. Maroon is known as “a remarkable change leader.” She has created access points of greater resilience, wellbeing, and life success for over 2 million people nationwide. Named a Top Ten Innovator for her social science work and recipient of prestigious research awards including from the National Science Foundation, Dr. Maroon has a genuine commitment to bringing academic research into the everyday workplaces of people creating a better future for all. Her popular TEDx talk has inspired people across the world. Aligned with generating the right resources to make great strides, her strategy work has raised over $123M on behalf of leading nonprofit organizations in the United States. Dr. Maroon passionately believes that people devoted to making a positive difference in the world should have all the right tools to succeed. 

Joe Tankersley, Strategic Futurist

Winner of the prestigious THEA award for his work on Millennium Village at Epcot, Joe is a Strategic Futurist with a gift for transforming complex information into easily understood experience narratives that can be accessed by diverse audiences. During twenty years of leadership work at Walt Disney Imagineering, he broke ground in establishing a Strategic Foresight Program serving myriad divisions within the company including the Corporate Citizenship Group and Walt Disney World Operations.

As a Strategic Futurist working with Inspiring World and with his own firm, Joe is passionate about empowering social good businesses to “Imagineer better tomorrows.” Today, he works on immersive collaborative projects. Joe’s work fuses active bodies of research in the context of client ecosystems. His work gives social good businesses meaningful tools to navigate change. His project spheres include the future of philanthropy, aging in the era of ubiquitous technology, the renaissance in place-based engagement, the future of innovation for good, and the future of work. Top


Leanne Yonkman, Business Admistrator

With over two decades of fast paced corporate experience in HR, Leanne brings a plethora of insight to the role of Business Administrator. Her astute insights into best practices in employee engagement, business network development and management, alongside superior organizational abilities are just a few of the reasons Leanne has become invaluable on the team. Leanne works with team members and coordinates directly with clients to oversee administrative elements of their optimum experience with our firm.