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My college and early career days were nearly destroyed by severe social anxiety, complex PTSD, and crippling depression. Today, I’m emotionally healed and dedicated to sharing with others how I used science and belief to make the change. In this honest heart moving talk, I share the incredible journey from mental illness to happiness and wellbeing. In Compassion is Resilience, I offer compelling life stories linked to powerful scientific insights on getting happy even in tough times. This talk gives audiences hands on tools and meaningful inspiration to shift their lives into pathways of wellbeing and resilience using the core values of empathy and compassion.


At a time when success is measured in “views,” “thumbs up,” and “likes,” when large numbers seem to be the only thing that matters in achievement, it’s easy to lose sight of the extraordinary power one individual has to make a better world. In this rapid fire motivational talk, I tell true stories of power packing outliers and change makers who changed the world through small steps that generated monumental global shifts. Audiences will leave empowered to be resilient, resourceful, and motivated in furthering their own important roles to creating a stronger, more just, and healthy world for all.


What does it mean to be a leader who makes a real difference? A leader capable of generating a culture of inclusion, innovation, and energized productivity? What does it take to be a leader whose team is connected through adversity and diversity, capable of making it from one project challenge to the next? In this compelling talk, leaders discover the Northstar to enduring innovative leadership. Leaders attending the Innovation Leadership talk, get centered in the Northstar for leadership and gain key ‘change questions’ to apply in guiding themselves and their teams to genuine greatness.


”Dr. Maroon is exceptional!” “She inspired me to be a more mindful leader!” “She touched my heart and brought our vision forward.” “She was an amazing speaker with genuine ideals and practices. I took so many notes to bring back to my affiliate!” “It was wonderful! I loved that she shared her stories with us and that she included compassion as a leadership skill.”

Keynote Audience Members

National Association of Early Childhood Educators


Dr. Maroon was able to help me understand calmness, and that little changes make a big difference when it comes to your health, well being, and state of mind. I’m a full time student, full time mother, and full time corporate employee. My life is constantly busy. Through the the readings, breathing exercises, and visual content provided, I made changes, and those changes have been favorable.

Laiza Solano

Rollins College

It was an inspirational and informative presentation. I appreciated the emphasis on accountability and the value of open practice, as well how she presented the overall simplicity of optimization practices.

Kyle Johnson

Lighthouse Central Florida.

Bahiyyah is one of the best facilitator and speakers I have encountered. She is deeply engaging and compelling and kept my attention through several hours of content. She’s a great storyteller, mostly because she speaks from extensive experience. Her commitment to each person in the room—and to the difference each one of us makes—was so evident, and that energy kept everyone in an open, learning space throughout the hours and weeks of our program.

Betsey Scheyer

Crealde School of Art

Dr. Maroon’s presentation was inspirational and thought provoking. It was memorable and useful for our leadership of the Texas AEYC team… Thank you for your great presentation and for your contribution to leadership development that lives on and is producing change with kindness – and laughter, of course!

Earlene Gonzalez

Texas Association for the Education of Young Children

Dr. Maroon gave an outstanding presentation. The most useful takeaways for me in her talk were that leadership is doing the right thing when no one is looking and the importance of genuinely listening to those around you.

Traci Allyn Shur

Broward Health Foundation.