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Dr. Maroon’s keynotes and workshops have inspired audiences around the nation. From university campuses to annual conventions and leadership retreats, her talks engage and ignite.

Bold Diversity

How much bolder can we make the terms diversity and inclusion? What does a significant expansion in how we define diversity and inclusion ultimately bring to innovation?  Explore these ideas through interactive methods  that invite you to identify opportunities for shifts in innovation practices. Bold Diversity is an immersive experience that challenges people to rethink the boundaries of their own diversity beliefs. You’ll gain life building experiences that empower you to build bridges with people you may not agree with or understand. By giving people the ability to create inclusive dialogue and hold safe space, this is a powerful workshop for building inclusive communities. Suitable for campuses and organizations.

Brave Resilience

Leading for the social good means giving it everything you’ve got, but how do you keep going when everything you’ve got feels exhausted by the effort? Likewise, choosing to create bold improvements in your education or career can feel empowering at first, but how do you motivate onward when hurdles seem too powerful to overcome? 

Brave Resilience, is a moving talk that delivers inside tips and true stories from among the greatest social good leaders. Emerging leaders and change wranglers alike will gather a compass point to grow grit, wisdom, and resilience as they set about to change the world

On Happiness

A hands on experience for high impact take aways. Participants discover how biohacking and “human programming” can lead to balance for greater happiness, energy, and productivity. On Happiness audiences get hands on practice in using simple proven techniques to up level everyday happiness and energy. It’s more than hearing about why happiness counts, it’s a fully inspired hands on chance to learn how to grow greater happiness and energy in  life.  On Happiness audiences leave empowered to grow the joy with real resilience skills. It’s a lot more fulfilling to create change in the world when you’re able to create happiness within yourself.


Dr. Maroon is an award-winning social scientist and among a rising group of African American women executives in STEM. She is the CEO of Polis Institute as well as a passionate philanthropist committed to elevating individuals and nonprofits globally. Dr. Maroon’s research and applied insights have made her a thought leader on interdisciplinary research practices to build a better world.