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As Chief Executive Officer of a racial equity and social justice research institute, it’s my everyday privilege to work with change makers all over the nation dedicated to thriving communities. For me, it’s dream fulfilling to be among the rising number of African American women STEM executives. 

I set out on an enormously tough path as a young adult – going from high school drop out to graduate school. That mountain from G.E.D. to award winning PhD, required a resilient pursuit of success even when others insisted it couldn’t be done. It’s such a joy to me to speak with people about the resilience and tools that made my path possible.

Whatever the mountains we face – whether as executives, community leaders, students, or entrepreneurs, we all have a path to triumph that can help change our world for the better. Having overcome adversity myself and having dedicated my career to exploring the power of science to solve real world issues, I love elevating people’s capacity for true inclusion and authentic collaboration.

Today, I share my experiences in talks and workshops. As a speaker, mentor, and philanthropist, it’s my mission to share resources, information, and inspiration for a better world.

Dr. Maroon Full Bio

Dr. Bahiyyah Maroon is a nationally recognized thought leader on equity and social change. She’s appeared in Women’s Health, Self, Bustle, and Health Daily. Out magazine named her a top ten innovator in the nation for her contributions to social change by dignified design. She is also a proud recipient of the U.S. President’s Volunteer Service Award for her contributions to equity in STEM education. Dr. Maroon is a serial entrepreneur as well as being the CEO of Polis, an applied research institute. In her position as CEO of Polis Institute, Dr. Maroon is contributing to a small but emerging wave of Black women executives in STEM fields. She has provided strategic insights to Intel Corporation, Harvard University, the US Dept. of Justice, and the US Dept. of Labor among others. Alongside this work, Dr. Maroon has taught at Rollins College as well as the University of South Florida. Dr. Maroon received her doctorate in anthropology from UCSC.  She is above all, passionate about deploying social science to create solutions that result in a more compassionate and equitable world.

Speaking & Workshops

Keynotes and hands on workshops perfect for corporate teams, conferences, and campuses.



Inspired conversation with award winners and change makers.